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What We Do

Our results

A brake rotor that outlasts current competitive products 4 to 1

High performance brake rotors

For all types of automotive and vehicular applications

Over a decade of development

Perfecting the metallurgical formula and testing.


A range of high tech alloy products using a unique metallurgical formula.

Real life testing

Products active in motor racing, taxis and emergency services vehicles sectors.

High safety and environmental standards

Excellent safety standards, environmental advantages and longevity.

Major Benefits

For Vehicle Manufacturers & The Transport and Heavy Haulage Operators
The peace of mind and recognition in supplying a vehicle with higher than industry standard braking systems;
  • High level of safety compliance
  • Providing your customer with reduced braking maintenance periods
  • Reduced warranty claims
  • Greater driver safety
  • Improved ‘on road’ performance and driver confidence
  • Demonstrated operational savings
  • Reduced service downtime resulting in greater ‘on road’ returns.
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