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“As a business man an entrepreneur with a long history in the motor racing industry, I was initially involved with the importing of selected vehicles into the United States as prototypes for the LAPD as police pursuit vehicles. These vehicles were equipped with the earlier version of what is now recognised as Ozbrakes. The vehicles underwent some rigorous testing in the hands of some enthusiastic Police Officers. Overall they were pleased with the vehicles themselves but what stood out for me were the comments and feedback on the braking performance. I knew then those brake rotors would be a success.”

Bob Amore – CEO (retired)

 Motor Industry & High Performance


“I am based in California USA where I have over 40 years’ experience in the Motor Racing & High Performance Industry and the Aircraft & Aerospace Sector. I have worked with R&D and management responsibilities not only in the Defence Forces but also in private enterprise with companies such as Edelbrock Performance Products, DC Performance.  In my capacity, as Professional Stunt Driver and Drag Racer, I am constantly evaluating new products to industry.”

“I was part of the consortium with Bob Amore importing Holden Commodores from Australia as prototypes for the LAPD.  These vehicles were fitted with an early version of what is now the Ozbrakes Rotor and I was impressed with them then.  Since Mat and Col Lagoon have been involved as Ozbrakes, the product has been improved out of sight! I have been working with Mat & Col since early 2000 in the development of their current product and will continue to do so in the sales and promotion into the USA.”

“As I have used the brake rotors personally, I fully endorse them for safety, performance and durability”. 

 Lyle Larson – Freelance Industry Consultant and Professional Race Driver



“I am the owner and CEO of Pitman Trucks in Victoria. We are a generalist transport company servicing a broad customer base with a fleet of various sized vehicles, from heavy transport to medium duty and refrigerated vehicles. I have an active interest in the motor racing sector both as a competitor and sponsor. I have known Mat Lagoon for some time and more recently his brother Col. Through my business dealings with Mat, I became involved in the development stages of the Ozbrakes product as an advisor, giving theoretical and practical guidance in developing their brake rotors for my industry. It is pleasing for me to see the progress the boys have made and as I have experienced the finished product, I have every confidence in their success”

Dave Pitman – CEO and Owner, Pitman Trucks

 Motor Racing


“As the CEO of Image Racing I have been involved with the Ozbrakes boys since the beginning.  I was glad to be part of their growth and to have my race cars available in the R&D stage. Mat Lagoon is an exceptional automotive engineer and has been able to develop the metallurgy for their brake rotors into a product that surpasses anything we have used in the past. By using Ozbrakes rotors on our development series cars, we have produced outstanding braking results both from an unsprung weight perspective and of course the safety and performance angle”

Terry Wyhoon – CEO and Owner, Image Racing