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  • Expect the benefits across all vehicle industries

    Long-life product with improved safety qualities, Consistency & reliability in heavy use applications
  • Superior quality Ozbrakes rotors:

    Lighter weight, improved braking times & Stopping distance with longevity of use
  • Greater safety, less on-road downtime

    Brake rotors that can outlast and outperform any competitive product by 4:1
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Ozbrakes brake rotors have been developed over an extensive R&D period and are manufactured using a unique metallurgical formula comprising selected key ingredients which, when combined through our particular processing method, result in a brake rotor that can outlast and outperform any competitive product by 4 to 1.
The main advantages: read the full summary here.
We are excited to report we have extended trademark and copyright protection in international regions. More soon, stay tuned.
Since 2006 one aspect of the Ozbrakes business has been the design, manufacture and supply of heavy duty brake rotors to the heavy vehicle sector. Our activities have been largely with bid and tender submissions. Click on heading for more details.
  • Reduced Stopping Distance +

    Our disc rotors have an improved co-efficient of friction or ‘bite’, with a measured value of 25% improvement over standard conventional disc rotors.
  • No Evidence of Fade +

    The fine metal matrix dissipates heat much more readily than conventional cast iron allowing Ozbrakes disc rotors to run much cooler over sustained braking thereby eliminating brake fade.
  • Longer Lasting +

    The essential elements of OzTech Alloy are extremely strong which, when combined using our prescribed manufacturing methodology, result in a product that demonstrates excellent wear factors.
  • Manufactured 33% Lighter +

    As the OzTech Alloy material is of high strength, this can allow a 35% reduction in mass
  • Cooler Operation +

    The Ozbrakes disc rotor runs cooler than conventional cast iron because of its ability to transfer heat rapidly through its fine matrix, allowing for rapid dissipation of unwanted heat, which leaves the brakes cool and safe to operate.
  • No Shudder or Pulsation +

    The OzTech Alloy composition is a very stable material with less than 5 microns of run-out compared with standard cast iron disc rotors at 30 microns of run-out.
  • Minimal Black Dust +

    Our testing has proven that the fine grain structure of OzTech Alloy in our disc rotors reduces the unsightly and potentially corrosive, black brake deposits on wheels and other surrounding parts.
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