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About Us

Ozbrakes was established several years ago primarily focussed on the development, manufacture and supply of high-tech products into the motor racing, high performance, mining and transport sectors.

Mathew Lagoon along with his brother Colin devised the concept of Ozbrakes in the early years of 2000. Mat, an Automotive Engineer, with his many years associated with the automotive and motor racing sectors, saw the need for a more robust and resilient brake rotor.

As with most innovative or disruptive technologies, countless hours and equally as many experiments are applied to achieve a successful result. Such is the case with the Ozbrakes technology - as Mat and Colin in their respective capacities, have spent many years developing and proving the concept which has produced the patented metallurgical formula that Ozbrakes is using in the manufacture of their brake rotors.

The Ozbrakes rotor has undergone exhaustive testing both in the laboratory and in the field and has come through with outstanding results. An important part of our testing was in real race conditions.

In fact, in one of the NASCAR series, (using our earlier low volume formula) we had a car running on our Ozbrakes rotors for some 2000 racing miles and still competing.

More recently (using our current formula), in the same NASCAR category, we have a driver clocking up over 3000 racing miles and the rotors are still going strong. We do recommend for competitive use, a rotor replacement of 2000miles.

We have come a long way to this point where we now have a product that outperforms any grey cast iron rotor on the market today. Independent dynamometer results conservatively confirming the Ozbrakes rotor at 4 to 1 against competitor products.

We certainly look forward to working with you and offering an outstanding braking solution to your needs. For any questions about our rotors or your particular application, please leave your details on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you.


Colin Lagoon

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